The Hague/ La Haye / Den Haag
Happy Energy Foundation headquarters is located in ‘vintage’ or ‘boutique’ warehouse as part of a very old and still existing local bakery since 1795! Just situated at the outer skirt of the international city of Peace & Justice, this area is very apealing among youngsters, hipsters, first home owners, expats. You can feel lots of happy energy, also because of the many kids ‘runnin’ around on the playing grounds across this divers neighborhood. This particular village or suburb, called Voorburg, has a convenient connection to downtown DH and the beautiful beach life nearby, just 15min away.

HE HQ Backyard Training Atelier:

Happy Energy Foundation created a pop-up ‘backyard’ entertainment area as meaningful activation due to C-19 lockdowns to offer physical & mental health trainingsprograms contributing to a positive impact on our planet by changing people’s mindsets for a healthier, happy, and sustainable, live-style. Requests and/or questions, please email us!


A new periode of more freedom and space has arrived. Freedom is a feeling that can be compare with music, all kind of music. It sets a state of mind…it can even reset your mindset! HE Foundation chosen to interact and inspire via electronic dance music triggered by an extraordinary astronaut. Backyard Space Sessions @ HE HQ is to inspire and change people’s mindset for a more healthy and sustainable living on planet Earth via theme storytelling. Our first session was “CAN U HEAR ME”, inspired by another beautiful mind Stephen Hawkins.

In partnership with Deephousetunes , WATTSUN and I Am Superjuice / I Am Supersoda we organise several HE HQ Backyard Space Sessions for creative and interesting millennials who supports the mission of the Happy Energy Foundation and spread the woke words of Wubbo: “We all are Astronauts of Spaceship Earth”.


As mentioned, chairman of the Happy Energy foundation – Keanu Yoshji, connected his passion for ‘House music’ with the legacy of an extraordinary astronaut who loved electronic dance music aswell. Our first ambassador of HE Foundation Anna Gimbrere told us how Wubbo was an inspiring professor of Aerospace for Sustainable Engineering and Technology who often played House /Techno music during his (college/master) classes. Happy Energy Foundation is dedicated to change people’s mindsets for a healthy and sustainable living on planet earth via electronic dance music and healthy life-style programs @ HE HQ Backyard with inspiring talks, live DJ performances, physical & mental health training courses and free electronic dance music producer master classes / workshops.

Honoring the legacy of an extraordinary astronaut HE Foundation supports talents who wants to tell their story via dance music like Celas Monteiro and Chaiyenne Huisman.

We provide fee free DJ training courses and fee free producers guidance with the dedicated and multi talented Happy Energy Foundation ‘in house’ music producer Gabriel Vezzola.

HE Foundation is also very happy with the ambassadorship of Miss Asia Pacific International 2019 for Spain, the wonderful Chaiyenne (CY) Huisman.

In 2019 she started giving support to millennials concerning mental health issues. As dedicated ambassador of the Happy Energy Foundation, Chaiyenne has a optimistic message regarding our mission to “Reset the Mindset” for a more healthy and sustainable living on planet Earth.

‘I am very excited to be part of HE Foundation,  hope to inspire many and to let everyone know that they’re not alone’ and very happy to receive HE  DJ training course’.  CYX!